» » Iwatermark Pro v1.51 R2 (Mac OS X) :April.1.2014

Iwatermark Pro v1.51 R2 (Mac OS X) :April.1.2014

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Iwatermark Pro v1.51 R2 (Mac OS X)
Iwatermark Pro v1.51 R2 (Mac OS X) :April.1.2014

Iwatermark Pro v1.51 R2 (Mac OS X)
Size: 28 MB
iWatermark Pro allows you to secure and protect your photos. If you are a photographer or artist iWatermark works for you to by adding a visible personal text or graphic watermark. Once added to a photo or graphic this visible watermark displays your creation and ownership. Its like signing your intellectual property. Its cheaper, faster and easier to use than Photoshop.

iWatermark, is the only watermarking tool available for iPhone, Mac and Windows. iWatermark is the most popular utility in the world to watermark photos for photographers.
Why Watermark?
- Digitally sign your photos/artwork with iWatermark to claim, secure and maintain your intellectual property and reputation.
- Build your company brand, by having your company logo on all your images.
- Avoid the surprise of seeing your photos and/or artwork elsewhere on the web or in an ad.
- Avoid the conflicts and headaches with plagiarists who claim they didn't know that you created it.
- Avoid the costly litigation that can be involved in these cases of misuse of ip.
- Avoid intellectual property squabbles. iWatermark maintains meta tags, uses many input/output formats and can also create thumbnails. Can process single files or folders and more.
"The beauty of iWatermark is its combination of ease of use and functionality. If you've ever wanted to give watermarking a try, or if you're already doing it and you'd welcome a way to do it quickly and easily, iWatermark is an inexpensive and impressive utility. I've yet to see a better solution." Dan Frakes, Macworld, 4.5 of 5 mice.
Version 1.51:
- [Added] iWatermark is now Applescriptable. Scripts menu has been added. This allows complete workflows to be created. Full access via AppleScript to all settings and some other useful attributes:
-List of watermarks, selected watermark (rw)
-# of image found
-index of current image (rW)
-list of the paths to images found.
-current process status (r)
-command to start processing, rescan input folder.
- [Changed] Fixed rotation and scale gestures support.
- [Added] Sandboxing enabled.
- [Added] App signed and compiled with latest XCode. Code optimized.
- [Added] Exported watermarks from Mac now work on Windows and vice versa.
- [Added] OS X 10.8 Sharing options for previews -- AirDrop, Flickr, Twitter, FaceBook, etc.
- [Added] Access to iWatermark for iOS fonts for compatibility. Turn on in Advanced:Sharing tab.
- [Added] New Sample graphics (White Collection) & (Black Collection).
- [Changed] thumbnail generator now creates the original directory structure (ie. respects folder structure settings).
- [Changed] Limit of offset to -25% of image to allow watermark to be positioned partially off the image.
- [Updated] Dropbox to v1 API, and make all connection use encrypted connections (https://).
- [Updated] QuickLook plugin for watermarks updated and improved.
- [Cleanup] Graphics Library folder renamed and organized. Changed Samples to "Artwork Library" and add new graphics.
- [UI Update] Editor, Changed Text menu to include AddressBook options.
- [UI Update] Editor preview in editor no longer requires saving of current watermark.
- [Added] select all watermark objects added to View Menu.
- [Fixed] "Show Object handles" now refreshing after change.
- [Fixed] Apertures Editor - Fixs.
- [Added] support saving to ".iwmkMetaSet" custom file extension and double clicking will load iptc/xmp meta data.
- [Added] support for cross platform support in watermarks file (.wmk) exported to include "rtf" and "html" version of Text watermarks.
- [Changed] Change drawing to allow transparent png or PSD images.
- [Added] resize options (Fit box (ie. both width and height), fit Height, fit Width)
- [Added] Added support % of current size for resizing.
- [Changed] resize Preset menu to "other" when user change to % or edit width to height.
- [Added] Create preview in Watermark Manager with tech info.
- [Added] layout lines for location dialog objects added.
- [Added] Sharing - made it easy to share link to your Watermark folder in Dropbox.
- [Added] Air drop support for sharing watermarks between Macintosh computer running 10.7 or 10.8. 10.8 required to send, 10.7 or later to receive in the finder, then import in to iWatermark.
- [Added] Toggle preview window via command p and shift-command-spacebar.
- [Added] Progressive JPG check box option to tab that has JPEG options. Removed it from the Advanced Tab.
- [Added] Added option to Watermark Manager to embed IPTC/XMP into watermarks
- [Added] Enabled Sending watermarks via Watermark Manager -> Share menu (Air drop, email, Messenges (iChat), dropbox).
- [Changed] Now disabled / enable menu based on Dropbox login status.
- [Changed] Resize Template menu (setup by topic, iOS, Monitors, Camera etc).
- [Added] Many small optimizations, fixes and ui changes too numerous to document here.
- Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
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